Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Frak Committees!

Ignore this rant, if rants and the Battlestar Galactica use of the word frak offends you.

But - frak, frak, frak! - to quote my book on BG.
Had a comittee meeting tonight and I could kill someone.

Do committees bring out the worst in people? It certainly seemed so tonight.

I think it is the mix of personalities, the roles one plays as Chair or Secretary and so on. We, most of us, try to work within the usually accepted boundaries ~ but some others do not.

The law of clemency is on her tongue. The valiant woman is neither morose, nor caustic, nor dissatisfied, but is sweet, gentle, modest, and benevolent. From The Valiant Woman, a book I am currently reading.

Well, I fail on two counts. Wow, only two?
I am caustic and I am not very sweet.

Oh, well. Perhaps committee meetings and me just don't gell.

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