Monday, February 18, 2008

Reaching a Weight Goal.

Yep, I reached a goal weight. A tentative for now goal.


I've had food poisoning, after eating prawns in Adelaide. And I've been SO sick.I don't dare start eating again - my tummy is still achy and not normal.

Got on the scales this morning and, in spite of feeling sick as a dog, I smiled at the numbers. I lost 3 kg ( about 7lbs). I know,yeah, it doesn't mean anything, it's only fluid loss and it's only numbers.

Health and fitness are way more important.

But seeing the number on the scales was still fun!

This means I have lost a total of about 37 kg ( about 80lbs) - I think. I didn't really weigh myself at the beginning of my lifestyle change, five years ago. But I am basing this on a weight I was in 2001.

I feel like Diet Girl . She rocks!

And, yes, I am not glad I've been sick and feeling like death - but, hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? And I've been able to pray and offer this up - good Lenten sacrifice.

Hopefully, I am back to normal, eating healthy and working out hard tomorrow. I didn't workout yesterday (unless you class passing out in the airport toilet as a workout! ).Today I just did a 22 minute upper body workout from the FIRM - very easy normally but I couldn't face Taebo, jumping around or using my (sore) abs. And, man, those 22 minutes were hard.

Hmm, probably shouldn't have worked out, even a light workout, on a sore and empty stomach. Oh, well.


molly said...

Oh man a airport poor thing! You win for Lenten sacrifices, that is terrible.

Your weight loss is my inspiration! Good for you!

Cay said...

Oh, I hate hearing that you've been sick with that! Ouch! Ugh! My prayers, dear.

Leonie said...

Thanks - I am still queasy today and praying for a return to a non achy stomach!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I'm sorry you were so sick - but congrats on the weight loss!

Way to go!

I noticed in the Adelaide pics you look wonderful!

Hopefully you're up and about soon!

Leonie said...

Thanks Maria - I am feeling a lot better but sill have a weird stomach and still find food difficult.