Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finding Sanctuary

A book I am reading - in parts. A dribble here and a dribble there. A book I have on loan from a friend.

Monastic steps for every day life. By the Abbot of a Benedictine Monastery in Worth, U.K. Fr. Christopher Jamison.

Silence is Step 1 of the monastic steps in the book. Ouch. I tend to be enveloped in busy-ness.
Inspired by this step, I have taken time for silence.
In silence and in solitude, I start to question and doubt. Is this event/thing/whatever really from God or have I taken things into my own control-freak hands once again?

In silence, I begin to doubt God's hand in my life and I see where I take control and, I guess, don't let God have control.

Step 4 is Humility. Another ouch.

"We descend by exaltation and we ascend by humility" Rule of St Benedict, 7: Humility.

You know you have a problem with humility and pride when you are counselled on such areas and you reply, inwardly of course , I mean, who wants to admit to this out loud? - "Not again. I know it's not pride".

And of course it is. That inward dialogue certainly lacks humility.

Great book, by the way. Not built upon esoteric ideals but with every day tips for living an every day monastic life.
I may even be able to get beyond Step 4 ( Humility) ~ one day!


Mary G said...

I'm going to need to get this book for Lenten reflection! Next weekend I go on a silent, personal retreat and this might be a good one to stash in my pocket ...

Blessings Leonie -- and happy feast of St. Blaise!

Leonie said...

I think you'd like it, Mary, its a little book but full of gems. Have a great reteat!

HopewellMomSchool said...

Maybe you'd like this one?

Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today
by Joan Chittister (May 10, 1991)

Have I mentioned my [Dad's] cousin is a Benedictine?

Leonie said...

Thanks - and interesting to hear about your cousin, Lisa.

HopewellMomSchool said...
One link to my Benedictine cousin and her work.