Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year Reading

I am in "holiday" mode and thus have a little bit of extra time for readng. Fantastic! I love books and reading.

Next week, it is back to work and Kumon Maths study for me and so my reading time will be sadly lessened..

What am I reading this week?

Just finished another in the Jonathon Argyll/Flavia di Stefano art mystery series by
Iain Pears - Death and Restoration. I like these books. Light yet articulate. ( Can one call a book articulate? Who cares. I just did!). Witty. Filled with attractive descriptions of Rome, with a dash of humour and some art history and Catholicism blended in. The crimes themselves are intriguing - one wants to help solve each crime, each little twist.

Started Hide by Lisa Gardner. Wow. I keep trying to sneak snatches of this book. It fits right in the can't-put-it-down category of books. A suspense thriller.

These two authors were recommendations ~ it is fun to talk books, to try new authors, to share book tales...

For non fiction, I am reading Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace: My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei by Scott Hahn. Now, I must admit to having little to no interest in being involved in the Opus Dei movement. However, I have liked a number of books by Dr Hahn and am interested in his spiritual journey and discussion. So far, so good. I like what I am reading. Work and pray.

My other non fiction read is Winning After Losing. Author Stacy Halparin lost 350 pounds, after gastric bypass surgery. But her journey didn't end there. She needed to learn how to live without a dependence on food to solve problems, to experience the joy and pain, to learn to eat and exercise for health. The author suggests creating a Winner's Circle notebook, to help with the journey. It's about the mind, not just about the food or weight. ...I haven't lost 350 pounds nor have I had gastric bypass surgery, and can't see myself keeping such a notebook :-) but am still working on diet and fitness and weight loss and body acceptance. And am enjoying the book....
Any other book suggestions?


Anonymous said...

My 15 year old has been reading the Hahn Opus Dei book. He's finding it very interesting. He says everybody who has read The Da Vinci Code should have to read Hahn's book to get the flip side!



Mary G said...


Don't you love holiday breaks, if only to get us to slow down a bit and read for fun? I'd not heard of that art mystery series ... I'll need to check that out ...

Blessings for a holy and happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

I am with Mary, I want to check out that art series. Happy reading.


Mary G said...

Leonie --

I just finished The Raphael Affair - the first in the Art history series by Iain Pears. What a great book -- I can't wait to pick up some others at the library tomorrow.

BTW, have you looked at ? It lets you keep track of books you've read (or want to read) and search reviews by folks like us.

Happy New Year!

Leonie said...

Glad you like the book - and thanx for the links!