Saturday, January 26, 2008

God has a sense of humour.

We have had a rather funny week. Full of ups and downs.

It began with me feeling unwell - tummy aches, neck and shoulder pain. Tension? Probably.

I felt fat and bloated , too.

But my unwellness was improved by two Masses on Sunday ( one Latin, one our usual parish Mass) and Sunday evening dinner with one of the Friars .

Dh has been in hospital for two days this week, for medical tests. I had a LOT of work meetings and some meetings for World Youth Day ( I am a WYD Homestay Coordinator in our parish). And phone calls for the parish morning teas. And Kumon reports to do. And people over for lunch - talking to a friend about a marriage breakup and a new possible partner. Arrgh. A difficult situation.

Greg taught his first French class for homeschoolers at our house this week - I think it looked like fun, but I was really in and out in a sporadic fashion. Because God has a sense of humour.


Dh and I have deliberated about buying a newer car the last few weeks. We have dithered . We have talked.

But the decision was made for us on Thursday. Jonathon (18) had a car accident in our blue station wagon ( Francois or Frankie, as it is called).

Good news. Jonathon and the driver of the other car are okay.

But our car is not..So, within the next few hours of the accident, we found a newer car on the internet, had it brought out for perusal, got a bank cheque and bought a new-for-us station wagon - Tristan, is the family vote for his name.

All of this while dh was resting from medical stuff. Sort of.

God has a sense of humour, for sure.

The week ended well, however - went for a trip to Wollongong on Friday, a visit with two Friars. Cool day. And today, Australia Day, is Jonathon's birthday. So far, Mass, Adoration, breakfast out, DVDs and Singstar.


And today I don't feel quite so fat, either! lol!


Rachel R. said...


I really like the look of your blog. Really nice.

I love all the pics. We have a ton of new ones I have got to put up on my blog as well.

I put some awesome Dr. Who vids on my blog. I think you might really like them (if you haven't seen them already.)

Thinking of you.

Rachel R. said...

Oh, and I like the car too!
Glad you are feeling better.
And I think God has the best sense of humor too. I know, I for one, keep him laughing He smacks His head repeatedly saying, "Oy Vay, Rachel...not again!!!"


Anonymous said...

Hope this week is calmer and has more ups than downs!


Leonie said...

Hib Rachel - I've ben enjoying your Dr Who pics - want to leave a coment and show them to the kids....

Thanks, Pam - last week was pretty good just funny different..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonathon, Happy Sunday Leonie! Glad you are feeling better, nice car!

PS I am soooo envious of your summer weather, we are dressing for mass, watching it snow.....brrrrr


Susan <> said...

Whew! Glad to hear that Jponathon is okay.


Leonie said...

Hi Susan and Molly! ( waving..)

Blondemum said...

Hi Leonie,

Turned the page on our newspaper this morning and who should be staring back at me...none other than your Jonathon......
Very impressive....didn't say he was homeschooled though!

Not so good about car accident though - at least no one was hurt...thats the main thing.

Have a good day

Leonie said...

It was cool - he did mention homeschooling but they edited a lot of comments. :-)

Nice to hear from you - how's things?