Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008. Mottoes. Themes. Not Goals!

As I mentioned at Lean But Not Mean, I don't do goals well. Or resolutions.

I get stressed.

Instead, I do mottoes and/or themes.

I write , in the front of my diary, my mottoes or themes for the year. I've been doing ths for over ten years now. I *do* think that this practice has made a difference to my life, to who I am, to my family. Each time I open my diary all year, evey day, I am reminded 0f who I want to be and of what I want to do.

The mottoes act as prompts.
Not as sledgehammers.

Today, I am transferring info from my 2007 diary to the shiny, new, 2008 diary.
As the I turn to the front of the old diary, I see my mottoes for 2007.
Did they help? Did they influence my life? My year?


Be Not Afraid
( Ooh, I haven't been so good at following and remembering these two).

Be More Than A Conqueror ( for fitness - I can do it - yes, this has been a help).

Every day Above Ground is a Blessed day ( another from Billy Blanks and Taebo. This motto, this saying, has reminded me to smile more. And more. Regardless. Even when I am sh**ty).

Where I am today is where my mind put me. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind'll put me. ( More from Billy. Very powerful for me, spiritually and physically).

So, what am I writing on the pristine, front leaf of my new diary?

You get out what you put in ( Effort. Be it in fitness, diet, family life, spiritual life, homeschooling, work...).

Joy. Time. Prayer
(From Fr.'s homily this Sunday, the Feast of the Holy Family. Three important things for families and for individuals. To do. To follow. To remember. I don't hold much hope of ever being Mary ~like - yeah, right. . Similarly, our family doesn't look much like the Holy Family, or even like a holy family. But , as Fr. pointed out, we can try...I am hoping that these words will remind me of what I need to do, as a Christian mother and as a Christian wife. With the grace of God. With the help of the sacraments. )
Be a better example.

( Self explanatory. I can be a bit wild sometimes and, as such, a poor example to my sons and to others. But do I need a whole personality change? lol!).

And from the Lean But Not Mean blog , my fitness theme ~
Being Fit For Life.

Continue to make lifestyle changes and choices.

Continue to work out for about one hour each day with intensity, doing what I love, probably mostly cardio/kickboxing/AWT ( aerobic weight training).

Try to eat more vegan like - I already eat more vegetarian but want to eat less dairy and less processed, more whole foods. Well, only 80% of the time. I need my junk, my alcohol too, sometimes, you know. :-)

Watch portions - whether it be by eyeballing, food journalling, calories, points, food exchanges, whatever, it can vary.

Aim to lose another 3 kg ( about 6-7 lbs). Well, in my ideal I'd be super thin but I am trying to avoid my body image paranoia and low body self esteem trip. I am aiming to feel good about my more , well, athletic build. :-)

Do you choose mottoes or themes? Or make resolutions? I'll pray for you, friends, in 2008 and for your plans and dreams.


Anonymous said...

Yes, themes and mottoes, rather than goals are very good.

My themes are:

1.time with friends and family
2. charity
3. temperance

These may sound quite general, but I think they are what I need this year.

Happy New Year!


Cindy said...

Very good, Leonie.

You always get me thinking...

I like your goals. I see a lot of determination there, but also humility and love. Lots of balance.

The one that struck me the most was about being 'where your mind puts you.'

I am going to have to think about that for the coming year because that is so powerful- back to the boxes the places we might put ourselves, setting up problems that might not even exist. iykwim?

Into that can be lumped all the comparisons that homeschooling moms are especially good at.

I hope to learn more this year how to break free from that, and focus on serviing Christ... which should then moderate everything else.

And, having your unique personality is a good thing! I think often we try to emulate others... and feel short if we are not some 'perfect' family.

Yes, we can seek holiness in our way, but you look at many saints and they had all sorts of strong personalities.. and they got the job done! :-)

Just continue being your beautiful self! I know Mary holds a special place in her heart for you... as she does me in my clumsiness. lol


Leonie said...

Hi Louise - yes, general rather than too specific ( do x by y) work best for me. I'm keeping to the three "life" and one fitness motto. :-)

Hey, Cindy, glad the motto about "where your mind puts you" spoke to you. I got it fom Taebo and it was a good reminder last year. And thanks for your virtual hugs - its not so much that I'm down on my self but I definitely see areas I can change. Good for me to reflect.

Susan <> said...

Loved the post Leonie! I linked to you (and mentioned this post) in my latest post...hope you don't mind.