Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Am Sad!


Well, the last week or so I"ve been doing my tougher more advanced workouts - Taebo Advanced Lives, Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3, the old FIRM Volume 1.

But, guess, what - they are not so tough anymore! :-(

Sure they are great workouts, you build up a fantastic sweat, I have some biceps coming along
nicely :-), and the endorphins flow - but I don't feel dead or wiped out at the end of the workout. And the DOMS aren't as tough.

It's weird but I like to workout for fun and intensity and to get that really worked out feeling.

Oh, and here I am in the middle of a sweaty Taebo workout, using a staff. Now, that is what I call fun!


Cindy said...

Hey, Leonie- I hear you.

I have just committed to step up my workouts as well. The good news-- I am very conditioned. I ran an hour on the treadmill and my lungs didn't complain once. (It is my old body that creaks and I have to baby it)

But I am going to try and add on extra 45 min cardio to 3 of my 6 cardio workouts each week, just to bump it up a bit.

Also I am going to seriously try running again, still the best workout experience I have ever had! Hope my creaky body will cooperate.

And.. taking your Billy Blanks advice I am concentrating on my strength. Trying to focus on each rep, challenge myself with weight.

Yesterday at my powerscupt class, I picked up a 15# handweight instead of at 12#- I had felt challenged at 12# and slowly did each move, really pushing myself.

Felt great and I am sore today.

So... move on to the next level! Maybe even with your same videos, but supersize it yourself!

You are doing great!

(p.s. Love your nails...)

Leonie said...

Good advice Cidy, too - and way to go on that strength training! I had my nails done as a pre Xmas treat for myself!