Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I finished another book!

Went back to re-reading " The Nun's Story" and finished it for early morning reading this morning.

Like the Harry Potter book, the ending raises more questions than it answers.

I have done a little internet search on the author, Kathryn Hulme. Read
here and here.

"The Nun's Story" is based on the story of Hulme's friend, Marie-Louise Habets, a nurse and former nun.

Choosing between life in the convent and life in the outside world.

Made me think of the Pope's thoughts, in the post below.....

So, what am I going to read now?

I will return to "Jesus of Nazareth" by Pope Benedict XVI - I had read two chapters before being engulfed by "The Nun's Story" and by Harry Potter.

I also want to read another book for children, the first of Phillip Pulman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy.I have avoided these books, since having read about Pulman's anti Christian, anti Narnia philosphy a few years ago, in a journal for children's librarians. The first book, however, has been made into a movie ~ The Golden Compass, to be released this Christmas.

So, now I would like to enter into the controversial foray and read the book for myself ~ is it okay for the kids to read? Can it be a good tool for dialogue? Like the Truckers series by Terry Pratchett.

Wanting to "read it for myself" reminds me of the Index, the old list of books that were not recommended for Catholics to read. We don't have an Index any more, but there is more information about the Index Librorum Prohibitorum here

But what books would be on the Index if it did still exist today?
And what are you reading right now?


Cindy said...

Interesting Leonie... love to hear your current reading and your thoughts.

I just finished The Man who Was Poe by Avi and am now listening to John Adams by David McCollugh.

Also am reading Easy Going by Leon Hale, a local newpaper columnist. He is in his 80s and I just love his style. The book is really a compilation of columns. So easy and relaxed, each is about 2.5 pages. So when I just want to relax I pick up that book. A nice change as I read so much non fiction and serious stuff.. but it is all good!

I also am choosing books to help the boys brush up on catechism for their upcoming Confirmation so that is getting me into some great books. Just picked up Ask the Bible Geek by Mark Hart and Letters for Catholic Young People by George Weigal.

too many books.. too little time! :)

Leonie said...

Wow, a great list of books. Tell me how you find Letters to a Young Catholic. I saw it at Borders once and am curious.

HopewellMomSchool said...

I love "Nun's Story"!!

Leonie said...

Hey, nice to see you! And we always seem ton have similar tastes in books, have you noticed? :-0