Thursday, August 23, 2007

Science for today

Making a thermometer.

Anthony worked on this while Jonathon typed his university assignment and supervised ( well, sort of). The rest of us were out on errands.

When we arrived home, Anthony demonstrated the use of his home-made thermometer.

What do you need to make a thermometer?

A clear or see through straw, cut to 10 cm

Cover one end of the straw with Blu-tac and then with sticky tape

Three glasses each half full. One with hot water, one with tap water and food colouring and one with tap water and ice cubes.

Squeeze the straw and thus suck up some of the coloured water. This acts as mercury in your thermometer. The coloured "mercury" will rise in the hot water and fall in the water -with-ice-cubes.


Moonlight in Vermont said...

This is awesome. I have a list of science experiments for the kids to play with on Monday. This is at the top of my list!!! Thanks,

Jane Ramsey said...

very cool!

Leonie said...

Anthony and I aim to do one experiment a week - well, some weeks it doesn't happen! But it did last weeek....