Friday, August 03, 2007

In Which I Write of Birthdays and Bulletin Boards

Our August bulletin board ~ and Anthony's birthday pics. It is Anny's birthday this month, on the Feast of Blessed Mary Makillop ( St Dominic on the old calendar).

What else is on for the month?

We are studying character traits and thematic unit studies at Group Learning, hence Anny's symbolic friendship self portrait and the extrovert/introvert cartoon.

Homeschool Group Learning also conducts a songwriting session each week so Alexander chose the song writing cartoon to illustrate our learning.

This month, we celebrate The Transfiguration and The Assumption of Our Lady. We will meet with a few other Catholic homeschoolers for a time to talk about/celebrate/do activities for these feast days.
As we farewell July, we include cuttings from the paper, the Catholic Outlook, photos of Alexander and Jonathon with the WYD Cross and Icon.

And so August will pass...
I have a few more health tests to undergo in August and September, related to my June surgery, so prayers for happy results are greatly appreciated.
Hugs and happy thoughts for August!


Cindy said...

Neat Leonie!

Due to your inspiration, a couple of friends and I and our kids will celebrate St. Stephen of Hungary on Aug 16-- plan to make Hungarian Goulaush and lots of desserts!


Love your bulliten board... oh such a cute baby..:)

Leonie said...

Yum! Hungarian Goulash!

I have to think of an afternoon tea treat for the Assumption/Transfiguration.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


Prayers coming for you!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...
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Leonie said...

Thanks, Maria!

Now, I am curious about that deleted comment! lol!