Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What we are up to...Bits and Pieces...

It is Anny's birthday tomorrow, I'll be busy at work in the day and at a CAFE meeting at church in the evening. So, we went out for his birthday dinner tonight. Yummy coffee shop food with a conversation topic of highlights of Anthony's baby and toddler years. I'll post pics later....

We'll have cake and presents tomorrow night, after CAFE, and Anny is having a ten pin bowling party for his friends on Saturday afternoon.


Tomorrow is also the Feast of
Blessed Mary Mackillop - First Australian Saint; Co-founded Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart 1866.
Died:8th August 1909 Beatified: 19th January 1995

We are meeting with a couple of other homeschooling families next week, to celebrate and talk about Mary Mackillop, the Transfiguration and the Assumption.

We have also begun a Novena to St Maximilian Kolbe. St. Maximilian was born Raymond Kolbe in Poland, January 8, 1894. In 1910, he entered the Conventual Franciscan Order.To better "win the world for the Immaculata," the friars utilized modern printing and administrative techniques. Maximilian started a shortwave radio station and planned to build a motion picture studio--he was an "apostle of the mass media." In 1941, the Nazis imprisoned Father Maximilian in the Auschwitz death camp. There he offered his life for another prisoner and was condemned to slow death in a starvation bunker. On August 14, 1941, his captors ended his life with a fatal injection. Pope John Paul II canonized Maximilian as a "martyr of charity" in 1982.

Thanks to Maria, for reminding me of this Novena.

What else? Oh, yes, we are on a Diehard kick right now. We watched Diehard 1 ( the original with the now infamous Bruce Willis quote!), on Sunday. Plan to see the new Diehard film his week - Diehard 4, it opens here on Thursday night. I am a big Bruce Willis fan!

And we have been to the movie website, for trailers, info, games, reviews, discussion...I'm sure there are some organic, natural , learning conections here!

Learning connections.....I have been pondering the atmosphere and environment of our learning home and lifestyle. Inspired by the
goals and unschooling thread at the 4 real Learning message board.

I have been strewing, to pique interest. This evening, before Mass and our dinner out, and after newspaper delivery, I strewed some artwork on the refrigerator. A collage on blue card. Different artist impressions of the Assumption of Our Lady ( August 15).

You can catch a glimpse of the artwork here.
I hope to inspire artwork, art appreciation, discussion...in bits and pieces.
After all, this has been a bits and pieces post, describing the bits and pieces of our current homeschooling life.

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