Thursday, November 02, 2006

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12 Random Facts About Me.

Random as in miscellaneous or random as in cool?

1.I love words - I go through phases of favourite words and I love the sounds of certain words. Like the name of of the Egyptian princess in the movie The Mummy. Anck-su-namun
2. I was addicted to the Jane Fonda Workout in the 1980s. Did the workout every night, without fail.
3. Currently addicted to the Turbo Jam workouts and have discovered I like old school and rap. And kickboxing.
4. I always secretly wanted to be a dancer. Think thats why I like the dance and groove in Turbo Jam?
5.One of my online screen names is Anny. My other persona.
6. If I wasn't going to be a dancer, I was going to be the first female Australian Prime Minister. And delay marriage. I am still into politics but got married young...
7.When I was young, I thought Catholics were weird. God has a sense of humour - I converted to Catholicism.
8. I was baptized in a Seventh Day Adventist church at age thirteen.
9. I am a terrible cook, a terrible sewer and a terrible iron-er. My house is relatively clean and organized, however. :-)
10. My current favourite music to drive to is MXPX and the Before Everything and After album. Also Good Charlotte's The Young and the Hopeless.
11.I love homeschooling. Its just fun to hang out with my kids.
12.I like black and green and wear a lot of black. Why? Its cool, and it can go anywhere and goes with anything.

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Sarah, Pam and Susan.


Pam said...

Hi Leonie,
Thanks for tagging me.... Dont like to reveal too much about myself but oh well...

And yes Investigator Centre is shutting permanently. Lack of Government funding apparently so at end of term its goodbye. Really stupid as when I booked the things we went to I couldn't really get any other times as booked out...And apprently Thats Not Garbage is shutting down too..same reason. Go figure..all these amazing resources....Dont get me started.....

Leonie said...

Its kinda sad ( and dumb) to hear these are closing down - they are still going strong in Sydney...