Saturday, November 11, 2006

Satisfied Saturdays

Lisa is hosting a blog carnival - Thankful Thursdays. Each Thursday she will compile links to those participating blogs. In what are we participating?

We are compiling a list of 10 things to be thankful for during the week.

I was too late for this week's carnival ( very busy with work this week).

So, instead of a Thankful Thursday post I have decided upon noting a Satisfied Saturday.

Ten Things I am Thankful for this week....

1. My husband.

2. My husband.

3. My husband...

Okay, you get the drift. But , especially during busy weeks like this one, I am grateful for my supportive husband. He is reliable. He is fun. He is dependable. He is cool. And he likes me the way I am! lol!

4.Luke - eldest son - he is always faithful in keeping in touch with email and text messages and phone calls.

5.Greg - second son - his funny comments via email this week have made me smile.

6.Nick - son number 3 - loved his long phone call on Wednesday night and his concern for one of his younger brothers.

7.Jonathon - fourth son - he is always sensitive to my needs and free with his hugs.

8.Alexander - next son, who has been so helpful this week - "Anything I can do to help, Mum?"

9.Thomas - next to youngest child - whose constant cheerful chattering about computer games has created a diversion this week and given me insight into how he thinks.

10. Last but not least - Anthony - who made a delicious zucchini quiche for dinner, one we all enjoyed, even though dinner was late.

A bit corny I know but these people are definitely my blessings this week.

And I think I'll dig out our book of The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.

Perhaps we''ll read it next year and do some of the BYFIAR activities.

We'll definitely remember how important Saturdays are, as we read about the Melendy children's Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club ( I.S.A.A.C.).


Mary G said...

I love your "Satisfied Saturdays" post. And the Enright book is so good for read-aloud!

Hope your day downunder (are we then, upover?) is wonderful!

Leonie said...

Thanks Mary - I love all the Enright books I have read so far.

Have fun upover! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your list. You boys are treasures - how blessed are you! Such devotion to your husband is heartwarming to read.. the way it ought to be for everyone. Thanks for sharing your joy and gratitude and here is to a peaceful week for you next week. God bless!

Leonie said...

Aw, thanks - mind you, I am not always sao devoted to my dh - but I should be! :-)

Love your pic...

Pam said...

Oh..we loved doing the Saturdays....with BYFIAR....oh how fun......
Such a cool book..and I would never have found it if I had not done FIAR.

Have a nice weekend

Leonie said...

Pam - we've never done the BYFIAR activites for that book but I have read it and the sequels. The kids haven't read it though, so it might be fun for after Xmas.