Sunday, November 12, 2006


I am a very, very big believer in pushing oneself out of one's comfort zone. Not all the time but at least some times.

I think its good to challenge ourselves and our children, and to persevere - and I find that succeeding in completing a challenge in one area of life actually helps me in other realms, too.

So, what has all this got to do with the Taebo workout DVD above?

Friday and Saturday, I worked out with
Taebo Ultimate Butt and Ultimate Abs . Kickboxing and killer floorwork.

I could barely walk upstairs after each workout - my b*** was killing me.

However, I was pleased with myself. Pleased that I finished each hour long workout and that I persevered. And as I discuss my personal workout challenge with my children ( as I moan "Ow, it hurts to stand up - no pain no gain!" :-) ) - well, I also have an opportunity to share the importance of challenges and of perseverance.

Go Taebo! Oh, and Turbo Jam. Go working out!


Anonymous said...

Good for you to be so diligent in working out!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Maria!