Thursday, November 16, 2006

Charlotte Mason and Maths

Last night, I hosted a Charlotte Mason inspired mothers meeting for other homeschool mums. The topic ~of Maths~ was discussed over tea and coffee and nibbles.

Real Learning describes the type of learning inspired by the theories of Anglican educator, Charlotte Mason. Miss Mason ( dec 1923) described education as " an atmosphere, a discipline and a life."

Mason wrote on many topics, including mathematics. Her thoughts centred on the role of reasoning in mathematics and on the application of living ideas and living books to maths - making maths real and living.

And so our discussion unfolded last night.

We shared questions and resources, practices, successes and misgivings.

We remembered how important it is to suit the education to the child.

We re-discovered the importance of no comparisons - between our children and others, between siblings.

Here are some notes that I wrote several years ago, on CM and Maths.

And some more Aussie style maths ideas for the homeschool.


beate said...

what a treasure trove of ideas and resources, leonie! and i love this quote:
"...trying hard not to separate the wonder of Maths from life.."

Anonymous said...

I really like your writings, Leonie.

Thanks for this post, too.

It's really timely for me.

Leonie said...

Thanks for the comments, gals.
( Trying to speak Texan y'all).

beate said...

ahhhh!! does that mean you will eventually come for a visit?

Leonie said...

I wish. :-)