Saturday, November 11, 2006

Albert Einstein and Its a Wonderful Life.

My friends, Catholic Mommas posted some cool quotes from Albert Einstein.

My favourite?

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. "

This describes me to a tee.

Unlike Einstein, I am not talented ( except I can talk a lot! lol!).

However,I sure am interested in many things - there are so many interesting things to find out about, to read about, to explore ( and to talk about.)

It is this attitude I hope to model for my children in homeschooling - the attitude that life is interesting and that being interested in things is fun.And hip. And important.

Don't you think this movie fits in here? It is from our drawer of Christmas movies and - it is a wonderful life.


Theresa said...

Yes! That is it exactly! Life IS wonderful and I hope my children never cease to find the wonder in it! That is my goal!

Leonie said...

Yes - I have realized that it is part our homeschool's goal, too. Why CM and unschooling appeal to me.

Your kids seem to be well on their way in their interest in the world - always many cool things on your blog. :-)

beate said...

goodness, i love that quote also...i'm pretty ordinary even though i would have truly liked to have some really great talent ;-) however, ever since i can remeber, i've had a passionate desire to know 'why' and 'how'... i was on cloud nine when we finally got the internet, clicking from here to there - WOW!!! - better than an entire library!!!

Leonie said...

Hey - I was the same when we got the internet in the early 90s. :-)

Anonymous said...


That was my favorite quote, too!

Sometimes, I marvel at the parallels!

Leonie said...

Maria - you know we have so many similarities that is is scary! lol!