Saturday, July 04, 2009

St Thomas, Apostle

Feast day July 3.

From Wikipedia ~ Just as Saints Peter and Paul are said to have brought the fledgling Christianity to Greece and Rome, Saint Mark brought it to Egypt, Saint John to Syria and Asia Minor, Thomas is often said to have taken it eastwards as far as India. Saint Thomas is said to have been the first Catholicos of the East. He was a Martyr and was killed by group of sages in Chennai and the Place is called Saint Thomas Mount.

In the Roman Catholic Church, his feast day was December 21. It was moved in order to accommodate the commemoration of St. Peter Canisius, who died on December 21. The Roman Catholic and Anglican calendars honour him on July 3, the day on which his relics are believed to have been translated from Mylapore, a place along the coast of the Marina Beach, Chennai in India to the city of Edessa in Mesopotamia.

I decided to cook Indian food for dinner, in honour of St Thomas and his misssionary work in India and for our Thomas' name day.
What did I cook? Butter Chicken ~ minus the marinade, who has time for that after a busy unschooling Teen Group Friday?
And a Vegetable Curry ~ because I don't eat Butter Chicken but LOVE vegetables ~ using any vegetables on hand and minus the coriander and yogurt plus an addition of chick peas..I crave chickpeas!


Chris said...

Yum. That curry looks so good. It was a very clever way to celebrate St Thomas. Olivia really enjoyed her time at the movies. Thank you for taking her.

Chris said...
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Beate said...

Hey Leonie - St. Thomas is who I asked to take my doubts away after Michael's accident - he is amazing :-) Your meal sounds yummy. I've been in a cooking lull. Poor dh ;-) I'm going to look for some more ideas here and tell him you inspired me - he'll be very grateful :-)

Leonie said...

Beate, we continue to say prayers for Michael. I'm hoping to get to Mary Makillop's tomb again son and will pray there, too. Wrt cooking - I am the world's worst cook! lol!