Saturday, July 11, 2009

St Benedict

St Benedict. Benedict of Nursia. Founder of Christian monasticism.

I try to make or do something special on feast days. Go to mass. Do an activity. Read about the saint. Cook something related/relevant.

Today we went to mass. And, while sorting through books, my cleaning activity for today, I thought about what to make for the feast of St Benedict. A soup, from my monastic soup cookbook? Italian food?

I settled on a "special" dessert. Special because I only make dessert on feast days and when we have visitors.

Chocolate brownies with ice cream, following Nigella's idea of birthday brownies, grouping the brownies together on a cake stand and dotting each individual brownie with a small candle.

And happy saints day, Fr Benedict.
One of the friars from our parish . Franciscan. OFM.Conv.


Cindy said...

Good idea.

Leonie said...

Nigella has the best ideas! Love her cookbooks!