Sunday, March 01, 2009

Refrigerator strewing...

...or, as my friend Cindy calls it, refrigerator culture. The idea is that what is strewn on your fridge reveals a lot about you. About that which you want to remember. About what you'd like your kids and visitors and yourself to look at.

I've gone through stages of pristine, virgin fridge doors - nothing, absolutely nothing attached to the fridge.

And stages like now, with many items strewn via those ubiquitious fridge magnets.

What's on the fridge? Clockwise, from the top left..

A holy card, about the Conventual Franciscans. We live in a parish under the care of the Conventual Franciscans.

A postcard of St Mary's Abbey, from son Greg's time in the UK.

Another holy card - St Maximilian Kolbe. I love this pic, this icon, the colours, so much, that I have it reproduced here on my blog.

Yet another holy card and prayer...

Bookmark, with Blessed Mary Mackillop on the front. A gift.

Two pamphlets from the friars- one about the Conventual Franciscans and one about plans for their Garden of the Immaculate, remembering the unborn.

Four, yes four, shopping list magnetic pads.Why four? I don't really know.

Signs for communicating with those who speak little English. Another gift. From a friend who remembers my many World Youth Day pilgrim gaffes ( ...Introducing an Italian friar to my friends - This is Fr. V. Don't worry. He can't understand you...You don't have to speak to him.. He can't speak English...)

A Kumon calendar. Advertising my Kumon Education Centre.Helping me remember dates.

Monthly prayer intentions, Crusade of Mary the Immaculate.

And another holy card..Our Lady of Perpetual the icon..again...feeding my icon fetish.

Billy Blanks' ( Taebo) Ten Words of Wisdom. Motivation. Support. Reminders..Where I am today is where my mind put me...Every day above ground is a blessed day....

Our parish's weekly bulletin.

And various magnets.

What does this say about me? That I am the primary fridge strewer in this house. And that I use my fridge to strew faith and practical stuff and to show those gifts/postcards.....

What is your fridge culture?>


molly said...

The Fr. V story is making me laugh out loud!

Leonie said...

SO embarrassing - and I was such a dork with our poor pilgrims from Hungary and Romania...

Hopewell said...

Our rental house has all new stainless steel appliances which look great, but don't work with magnets! We strew on the magnet-friendly back door! Currently it's the "Footsteps" poem on a pretty magnet, a magnetic key rack and some magnetic clips with Grandma's work schedule and stuff that gets clipped on clips for no apparent reason! Also a little magnetic "pocket" that holds a note pad, but which holds instead a pen or two and our pool passes from last year!

Leonie said...

Pics please - from both of you..I will be checking out your blogs.