Thursday, May 15, 2008

Men and Women

On being sexy.

Read Cindy's post. What do you think of the article and responses?

As I said to Cindy, my dh loves me for far more than my looks ( Thank God, she says with a sigh of relief. lol!).

Yet, I know that I, myself, feel far more sexy when I am fit, taking care of myself, trying to wear nice clothes even around the house, a little bit of makeup, with my acrylic nails and my jewellery. And how I feel about myself is important for our relationship...


Jacqlyn said...

Very interesting post! There was actually a chapter on this very subject in the book "His Needs Her Needs.....How To Build An Affair Proof Marriage" by W. Harley
My husband and I read a lot of marriage books and the above mentioned would be our all time favourite. I highly recomend it! It made me realise what was important from a man's perspective and vice versa. My husband often says that "I" am "His trophy" and he loves to show me off. That means a lot to me when I realise that I am actually 30 kilos heavier than when we first married ( did I say that!) but thankfully my husband still treats me like I looked back then......even better! although in saying that he does say that he would like to see me lose weight "for my sake" (I have low self esteem). But I do agree that when we marry someone we should work as hard as possible to keep as close to what our spouse fell inlove with as possible. Obviously my husband has changed in appearance too but thankfully love grows over the years in many different ways. I am often reminded that the Hebrew word for love has three meanings, Phileo, Eros and Agape. All three speak of love in different measures.
I, like you Leonie, feel "sexier" when I am dressed well, made up and my hair looks good. The weight is another issue that I am slowly working on!
Sorry for blabbing........I am passionate about marriage talk!

Leonie said...

Hi Jacqlyn, I am with you that I feel good when I take a bit of time to look better.

*Interesting to read the men's comments to the original article.

BTW how do I subscribe to your blog? You can email me at

Jacqlyn said...

My blog is open now. I thought that it "might" help others suffering with depression (like me) so I made it public again.