Friday, May 30, 2008

I need to remember this.....

I have been criticised lately. Hey, if you do anything you can expect to find someone who likes it, someone who feels neutral and someone who criticises you, right?

But being criticised does not leave one feeling nice.

I read this quote below, from Chalene of Turbo Jam fame. The best attitude, for sure!

As long as I do the right thing, be the best me, do what I love and take care of people, I honestly don't worry about the rest :)


Theresa said...

Who criticized you? Want me to beat them up for you???
LOL! Love the quote.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too! I'll give 'em what for! Just don't let 'em show their faces around here, see!

Hang tight, Leonie! You're wonderful!



Jacqlyn said...

I suppose when you express your heart as openly as you do then there will always be critics ready to knock you down a peg or two!
Carry on doing everything the way that you are now because you encourage an awful lot of people who read your blog.
Jacqui x

Leonie said...

Yeah, the quote is cool ( but so are Chalene and Turbo Jam! lol!). Thanks for positive comments, guys....

Cindy said...

Hugs to you Leonie

I always just try to remember .. the only One I must please is God.

Sometimes I do thing differntly, but often I find I am ok, and have to let the critisms go.


donna said...

I'm with Cindy! The quote says it all, Leonie.