Sunday, May 04, 2008


...of my female only Singstar night.

Several friends came over, the males were banished to the movies, we had cocktails, food, cocktails, and LOUD Singstar.

We sang and danced our heart out. "The Groove is in the Heart"

The conversation was good, too.

And did I mention the cocktails?

I love Singstar on the Playstation - our own personal karaoke!


Jacqlyn said...

Yes, nothing like a nice cocktail to entice a normally shy women to sing her heart out on Singstar!......oh, I do hope you taped it Leonie!! Some of those women might be waking up thinking "Did I really do that?"...LOL

Leonie said...

I didn't dare post pics! lol!

Jennifer said...

What fun! Sounds like a kickin' night!

Leonie said...