Thursday, January 26, 2006


"I think you fold it this way."

'No - maybe try it the other way around?"

"Dad, can you help?"

A few minutes later, dh ( Gerry) helped Anthony and I sort out our origami.

We were attempting to make a secrets parcel, to give to J for his birthday.

Last week, I found a book at the library - Step By step Origami. It was in the children's section and has large colour photographs so, ostensibly, should be easy to follow.

Perhaps Anthony and I are manually challenged - it tooks us many folds and some help to complete the shape.

But origami is fun! And what a great learning experience - spatial awareness, shapes, arts, maths, culture as we read about the history of paper and origami in Japan...


Rebecca said...

I bought a box of Origami paper and a manual at least two years ago. You have motivated me to attempt it! It sure looks difficult though...

Leonie said...

We are starting with the easiest projects in the book! lol!