Thursday, January 12, 2006

One Thing

I am feeling a bit under the weather, as they say. Tired, I have a sore throat, blood clots in superficial veins, on rest....

So, I am back to my One Thng.

One Thing for each day, to be and do with the children.

I first heard of the One philosophy when I was a young teenager, reading one of those ubiquitous magazines for young women.

The article was called One Bowl and was a dieting article - describing the philosophy of paring back. The ideas was to eat all one's meals out of one small bowl - thus cutting down automatically on portions. And learning to savour meals from the One Bowl.

Since then, I have read about the One philosophy applied to many areas. I have tried to keep to One Thing at many times, when everything else seems like too much.

One Thing can also be applied to housework, to habits, to homeschooling or unschooling.

Julie, from the Bravewriter Blog, describes it eloquently. *

So, what was my One Thing for unschooling yesterday?

Typically me, the One Thing was actually Two Things.

1.Read about the Epiphany Blessing and its traditions and meanings - Catholic Culture was one good source.**
2. Share my writing ideas with the dc - my thought of writing and drawing in our journals, about our holidays with the older three boys. About our dreams and wishes for 2006. Include photos and cut outs from leaflets collected on our visits in the holidays. Paste in snippets of Christmas cards. Pics of goals for the year.

Well, Anthony and I began this writing project. I think we will work on it over the next week or two. The others turned up their noses at the journalling - but jumped at the newspaper clipping I showed them. It was from The Catholic Weekly, on a writing competition for school aged students.

Write up to 1000 words, on a religious theme or topic.

Those interested immediately started brainstorming - current events, passions in the lives as young Christians, what does the CCC have to say about this topic? The closing date is in three weeks and I think the cash prize may be a motivator!

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WJFR said...

I love the "One Thing" idea, Leonie. We have all been sick in my family, and one child has been hospitalized twice in the past week, so are starting from scratch again, too.