Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Movies, Music, Letterwriting and Library Books

These all describe parts of our day today.

Jonathon borrowed, from the library , the soundtrack of the Bride and Prejudice movie - we enjoyed the movie and I found I liked a lot of the enrgetic dancing and Indian style of music. So, listening to the soundtrack has been a blast. ( I now want to get the Yoga Booty Ballet Bollywood workout DVD - if only they shipped here!)

Actually, our library trip yesterday was fruitful.

I suggested that we all try to peruse a different section of the library and see what we could find to borrow.

Yes, we all found our true favourites and current passions but we also discovered a few books that we may not have usually come upon -

Ancient Computing by Michael Worlds and Mary Woodes - mathematical thinking
The Best Ever Book of the Wild West
Giants of the Ocean ( whales, dolphins, sharks)
There and Back Again: A Behind the Scenes Look at LOTR by Sean Astin
My Name Escapes Me, by Alec Guinness

These now sit on our camphour wood chest in the sitting room, for reading and looking at and chatting about.

Lying nearby is our copy of The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. Anthony and I retrieved the book from the Christmas basket, after watching the DVD last night. We love the illustrations in the book. We enjoyed the animation of the film- although Anthony is hard pressed to understand why someone could not believe in Father Christmas!

Today has also been a hot day. I am on rest for medical reasons, the two teens have work at Kumon and the next two have newspaper delivery and folding. Anthony started making his model airplane, the one he recived for Christmas. Thomas emailed his brothers and worked a bit on his novel. Jonathon looked through the Open University handbook, for interesting and suitable courses to study this year. Alexander played and played his guitar.

And we all managed to find some time before lunch, and before my doctor appointment, to write and decorate thank you letters to frieinds and family.

Tonight there is Mass followed by Devotions to St Anthony in our parish and we plan to go - that constitutes rest , doesn't it?

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Cindy said...

Beautiful day, Leonie. We are warm here too, for January. Sounds like a wonderful day of interests, old and new....!