Thursday, January 12, 2006

One More Thing

Oh, thought I'd share my One Thing for today - again, two things.

1. Read aloud from Our Life in the Church, with those boys who will be confirmed this year. I expect we will get side tracked into many other discussions.
2. Print some information about Manet ( artist) and Mozart ( composer) for the refrigerator door. In this, I have been inspired by the posters at the 4 real discussion boards* - these two have been suggested as the artist and the composer for the month of January.

We already have a print of one of Manet's paintings on the dining room computer, as wallpaper ( The Escape of Rocherfort) and have listened to some of Mozart while I ate breakfast and others read or played video games.


WJFR said...
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Cindy said...

Neat idea, Leonie--- sometimes when there are so many things possible to causes me to do none. Glad you are finding some interesting things during your down time, too. I love art and music study- how fun.

meredith said...

Hi Leonie, just love this idea you've shared many times at the 4 real forum. Your blog is an inspiration to me for learning how to take it easy when life throws you those unexpected curve balls. Thanks for sharing your one (two) things and sure hope you're feeling great agin soon, have been praying. Hugs.
M. H.

Leonie said...

Thank you!