Sunday, January 15, 2006


January is definitely a time for the new.

The new , many times, means cleaning and sorting, mentally and physically and spiritually.

The physical part took the shape, yesterday, of tidying the art/stationery trolley and re-organizing our journalling nook. Between frequent rests for me.

The journalling nook was set up during last January's "sorting' time. And then the nook was moved to a new place after our move interstate and to a new home last March.

I think tidying and organizing can be part of strewing - strewing ideas and activities for ourselves and our children. Strewing doesn't have to be a physical thing - it can be mental, looking at what we have and where we are, with new eyes. A paradigm shift.

Tidying some of the clutter helps me discover the paradigm shift.

We sort and throw out, make a list of some new supplies to purchase and are encouraged to look again at some art or writing or drawing. Maybe.

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Bec said...

Hi Leonie, I love what you have said about a paradigm shift coming out of your sorting time. I think that has happened in my house too this year. :o) I hadnt thought of it like that before though. (I love the term 'paradigm shift'- it seems to open up new ways of thinking somehow.)