Monday, February 08, 2010

Art fraud and picture books

One of my new year ideas, was to re-visit an artist of the month theme. Looking to add some beauty to our technological life.

January, I grabbed the book Discovering Great Artists and found that Jackson Pollack celebrated a birthday that month. Greg wrote a short bio of Pollack and put small prints of two of his works on our fridge.

This month, February, today, I have pulled out the book Art Fraud Detective, strewing it on the dining table, for reading and persual and fun.

To my mind, one is never too old for picture books. Especially picture books with a hook (find the painting, find the fraud) and with reproductions of great art.

A picture book is a story told in words and pictures. Each makes an important contribution to the way the story is told, the meaning created.

A picture is not the same as an illustrated story: there the words alone could tell the story and the illustrations simply break up the words or decorate the text...In the best picture books, the illustrations are absolutely necessary. They carry parts of the story or narrative and in some cases the language is dropped and the pictures alone are all that is needed.
Libby Gleeson. Making Picture Books, 2003. p. 2

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