Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Not a Luddite

I am definitely not a Luddite. I embrace, I use technology.

As I just wrote on Facebook..One has to love technology.

Here I am, in my kitchen, after another busy, tiring day. Cooking an early dinner...pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, with some of the tomatoes given to us on Sunday, from someone"s garden.

As I cook, I am carrying out a conversation with one son. Via texts on our mobile phones as he is not home.

We discuss Gaskell and Ruskin and Proust and Make Connections.

And, as the dinner is almost finished, not burned, and as the texting conversation draws to a close, I resort to technology once more.

I blog and Facebook our conversation, creating a family memory archive, while social networking with friends. Blogging and Facebooking via my mobile phone.

No, a Luddite I am not! I may, however, be A Nerd. Or ADD.

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