Sunday, February 07, 2010


Prayer asking God for St. Francis' intercession

Collect for the Feast of St. Francis' Stigmata, September 17th

O Lord Jesus Christ, who, when the world was growing cold, did renew in the flesh of the most blessed Francis the sacred stigmata of Thy Passion, in order to inflame our hearts with the fire of Thy love, graciously grant unto us, that yoked to his merits and prayers we may bear the Cross, and bring forth fruits worthy of penance: You who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen.

St Anthony's prayer for Wisdom

Oh Light of the World, Infinite God, Father of Eternity, giver of Wisdom and Knowledge, and ineffable dispenser of every Spiritual Grace; who knowest all things before they are made, who makest the darkness and the light; put forth Thy hand and touch our mouths, and make them as a sharp sword to utter eloquently Thy Words. Make our tongues, Oh Lord, as chosen arrows, to declare faithfully Thy Wonders. Put Thy Spirit, Oh Lord, in our hearts, that we may perceive; in our souls, that we may retain; and in our consciences, that we may meditate. Do thou lovingly, holily, mercifully, clemently and gently inspire us with Thy Grace. Do Thou teach, guide and strengthen the comings in and goings out of our senses and our thoughts. And let Thy discipline instruct us even to the end, and the Counsel of the Most High help us through Thy Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, Amen

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