Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Time.

Using a meat tenderiser. For The Very First Time.

The meat mallet thing was one of my Mother's Day gifts.

I confess to not using a meat tenderiser for meat. Silly! I confess to using it to smash the potatoes for Nigella's (Smashed) Speedy Fries, as an accompaniment to open burgers and salad for dinner on Sunday evening.


Hopewell said...

What are "smashed fries"--fries sloshed in booze? Fries fried then mushed??

Cindy said...

How'd you like it?

A modern day Essene said...

They are great for making Chicken Schnitzels. It makes chicken breast go a lot further and the kids love it! Just bash to a thin breast layer and dip in egg and flour then lightly fry........yum

molly said...

and how was the first time???? I, too, want to know about smashed fries....sounds yummy!