Tuesday, July 10, 2007

St Benedict.

The feast day of St Benedict is tomorrow, July 11.

However ,we celebrated this feast today, as we shared lunch with some other Catholic homeschoolers and learned a little bit about the life of St Benedict.

He is the patron saint against poisoning and Pope Paul VI also recommended St Benedict as the patron saint of Europe.

The older kids in the group wrote their own rule of life, after discussion on the
Rule of St Benedict. The younger kids did copywork and colouring in. And one of the mothers distributed medals of St Benedict.

We also shared Italian food for lunch - the saint was born in Italy, after all~!

You can read daily sections of the Rule .


Cindy said...

Ok, Leonie.. can you help me here?

How did you get this going for your boys? Did you read the whole rule first? Ask them to read it then discuss? Read aloud? (I am interested in your older boys)

I am trying to simplify how I can introduce new things such as this without tons of prep/research time.

Any help? :)

Leonie said...

Cindy, I replied in email but I'll also post it here, in case anyone else is interested ( I doubt it, I'm pretty dull! lol!).

We meet with two other families every month or so, for a feast day. Just in our homes.One mum read from a picture book of saints for the littlies, I pre-read the St Ben info and gave a narration, asking questions of the older as I went, cos some of them knew about St Ben already so they could supply the info.

All together, we looked at a map of thew world, at Italy and Australia and talked about what we knew about Italy ( food, customs, people we know who are Italian - one family's dad/dh!, etc).

The third mum read a little about the St Ben medal.

I tend to not do a lot of research but find basic info and share from there - highlights, maybe? We talked about St Ben's problem with the pagan schools, his learning to be a hermit, his use of prayer and penance against temptation and the devil, the attempted poisoning, his setting up of monasteries and a little bit about the Rule.

Could do more, but, hey, don't want to bombard or lose the kids...

Then we asked the olders to so their rule, asking for suggesions, giving suggestions, talking about the two Ps of prayer and penance, while the littlies did copywork from the pic book and the even littlers coloured in.


Leonie said...

Oh, and finished with lunch, of course!