Monday, July 16, 2007

Carrying the Cross

We went to Mass yesterday, a Mass held at St Agatha's for the handing over of the WD Cross and Icon to our Diocese .
Jonathon and four other Youth Leaders from our parish CorYouth Group helped to carry the cross and accompanied it on the ferry to Parramatta Wharf.

Alexander will help carry the cross during the procession into Mass at another local church on Tuesday, as a representative of youth from our parish.

We all had a chance to venerate the cross.

And to reflect on the cross. One never knows what one's cross will be. Or where it may take you.

Maybe even to Parramatta!


Alice Gunther said...

Oh, I wish we had events like this nearby! How very memorable and holy.

You and your boys are beautiful.

Leonie said...

Thanks, Alice - and I love the pics at your blog!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Wonderful, memorable photos Leonie, thank you for sharing them!

Leonie said...

Are you coming to Syd next year, Anne, for WYD?

Kristine said...

Hi Leonie
Wow Sunday was amazing!!!!! i have some more pics up on my eblogger account if you want to have a look :) and i also have a recap of the day's events for anyone who would like to read :)

Leonie said...

I'll check out the eblogger - we didn't see the news but J has a small newspaper article about the event.....