Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Literature Activities

Today I have suggested that we look a little deeper at the book "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson.

All of us have read the book. Some of us have seen the movie.

We have printed this list of NewberyMedal and Honor Books and highlighted those we have read ~ and any we may like to read.

How many have you read?

We have discussed the novel as a coming of age novel - how did Jess change? From here, our discussion has become more personal ~ personal growth and decisions, talk about other books we have read and other movies we have seen.

Does this growth ever stop? Do we ever really "come of age" or is it a continual journey?

We are reading about exposition, climax, rise and fall of events, resolution and a couple of the kids have completed a plot graph for "Bridge to Terabithia."

All this literature focus has brought us back to discussion of the Harry Potter books and movies. We saw the new HP movie last week and started watching one of 0ur older HP movies on the weekend. A few of us are re-reading some HP books, while waiting for the release of the seventh novel on Saturday July 21.

I found a few online study guides for HP and thought we might explore some Harry Potter themes and literature in our homeschool, over the next few weeks...

HP and Language Arts
Harry Potter Units and Lesson Plans


Beate said...

How many have we read - around 60 counting honor books, LOL! I've avoided the HP spoiler stuff - we're planning on buying the book at midnight =D! Today we are going to see the newest movie - some of us anyway!

Leonie said...

I've read moe than the kids - but they've read their fair share! Enjoy the movie - we did! I'd like to see it again to reflect on some parts...