Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our reading today.

An article in The Bulletin re Pope Benedict XVI and his book "Jesus of Nazareth".

Very interesting. And generating discussion .


Beate said...

Hi Leonie - your link didn't work, but I found the article here:
After reading that, I poked around and read an article on JPII and suffering, written a couple of months before his death. Thanks for the post!

Fr. Benedict M. said...

ciao from Assisi: I am reading this very book at the moment, in Italian, as the English version hadn't come out yet before I left for Italy. Grab a copy, it is beautiful, inspired reading.

Leonie said...

Thanks Beate!

Hi fr - hope you are enjoyin Assisi. Br. said you were very busy! And thanks for the tip re the book - good to hear that it is so inspiring.

Cindy said...

Article looks great, Leonie. thanks for the link!

Leonie said...

Hi Cindy - I've ordered a copy of the book - our local bookseller said it will be here in June..