Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Acts of the Apostles

On most Wednesdays this month, the kids have been reading chapters from the Acts of the Apostles.

This is the fifth book in the New Testament and is titled praxeis Apostolon, describing some of the acts of the apostles of Christ, opening with a discussion of the forty days following the resurrection of Christ.

Here is a summary of each chapter.

We have been using the questions from Laura Berquist's book
Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum as follow up discussion or writing questions - in this book, Mrs Berquist includes questions for the Acts of the Apostles, chapter by chapter, in the suggested curriculum guide for one of the student grades.

Thomas, in particular, has enjoyed comparing two different versions of the Bible and the differences in the wording of the translation of the Acts. He and Alexander have been reading the Dhouay-Rheims Bible; Anthony has been reading the RSV ( Revised Standard Version, we have an old version but it is now reprinted by St Ignatius Press and often called the Ingnatius Bible).

Thomas will often read a chapter in the Dhouay-Rheims and then the same chapter in the RSV and point out differences in language. He finds these differences to be interesting.

A budding linguist? I don't think so (lol!) but at least his interest is piqued.

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