Sunday, May 20, 2007

Into Great Silence.

My dh and I went to the cinema last night to see the film Into Great Silence.

Only in complete silence, one starts to hear.
Only when language resigns, one starts to see.

This film is a documentary on the life of the Carthusian monks in France. A life of (mostly) silence, of order, of rhythm, of peace, of joy.

It is a (mostly) silent film.

I came away at peace. I see the need for quiet time in one's life. And the peace and order and silence of life in the monastery was a direct contrast to the busyness and noisiness of my life.

Perhaps I need to carve more time in my week for peace and for stillness.

Or perhaps I can gain inner peace within the busyness of my vocation.


Theresa said...

I'd love to see that film, but no way will it ever come here to my area. I guess I'll wait for the DVD to come out.
Hey, at least I can play it late at night without worrying about waking the kids, right? LOL!

Leonie said...

Yes - its certainly a film for quiet times! lol!