Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wonder Homeschool

I recently discovered a marvellous website - called Wonder Homeschool *, it is full of wonder at the joys of learning.

There are many articles and links to explore, as the author shares her thoughts on homeschooling under the influence of Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and John Holt.

The related blog, too, has a peek into one of the controversies of homeschooling - Thoughts on Watered-Down Waldorf.

I smiled when I read this entry. I have been on many lists with many arguments about Pure Charlotte Mason and Pure Unschooling.

These points seem moot to me.

Surely connection with the child and with the family and with God is paramount, regardless of the purity of the educational method?



Theresa said...

I agree about the "purity" issues. How silly to feel the need to be "pure" anything but exactly who you are and how your children learn best. At our home the only pure thing we are is "pure Lapaz Farm"!LOL! Thanks for the tip on the website, btw, it's a good one.

LYL said...

Good point, Leonie! I've said often that no two families will homeschool in exactly the same way - even if they're both unschoolers/CMers etc.

I like to think of families as works of art. Hand made, not production line!

I have given up on labels to describe the way we do things. None of them are accurate!


Leonie said...

Theresa, I am hoping to explore the website more - when I get more of that elusive thing called time. :-)

Louise - IKWYM! lol!