Sunday, May 07, 2006

Update - RAH

Well, I blew it.

I didn't remember the Right Way or the Happy Way.

I began talking to this son about attitudes in Mass .

And then he got The Look.

You know, that look that means that I am not listening and you are wrong.

I lost it.

And I am not proud of that. Here I am talking about RAH when I can't even apply it myself....

Later on in the evening, before we all went out to the cinema, we apologized to each other and agreed to start over.

Thank you God for the grace of an apology.

BTW, this is more art by Jonathon - a black and white collage - and no, he is not the son with whom I had the discussion!


Cindy said...


We have all been there.. and also the fall always seems to come just as we don't expect. The apology can be sweet though, and makes the ties deeper. You have a great relationship with your sons.. more proof. :)

BTW the art is just wonderful- !

Leonie said...

Thanks Cindy - we had a great time at the cinema ( saw MI 3). I still think he needs to work on attitude and so do I. :-)

I'll tell Jonathon you like his art...

Amy said...

Thank you for your honesty - I sometimes feel like I'm the only mom who can't RAH, lol. :)

Thanks for your thoughts on the 4Real boards too, I'm trying to find time to get back to that thread!

Leonie said...

Amy, ikwym re time - I need to check new threads at 4 real and haven't had time!

I felt vulnerable after I posted this update - thought I should have been more upbeat...Leonie