Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Books and Movies.

We recently watched ( or I should watched AGAIN) the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice.

This is such a favourite for us - and several in our family are big Jane Austen fans. I am one!

I find that, as younger children grow, they begin sitting in on more and more of the extra evening video time. There are definitely some films that are family films and some films that are best viewed only by older members of the family.

This time around, my youngest son showed understanding of some of the satirical comments in Pride and Prejudice - and he had many questions about the mores and conventions of Austen's time.

We followed our viewing of this BBC production with the newer production of Pride and Prejudice, renting it from the video store on Sunday evening.

There were some great camera shots in this film - the scene where Mr Darcy first proposes to Lizzie is exquisite - an outdoors shot, in the teeming rain.There is also an alternate ending for the U.S. audience!

However, in our family's opinion, the film failed to capture Austen's pithy quotes and witticisms. A poor shadow of the book.

Several of us, however, have been inspired to re-read some of Jane Austen. One son is re-reading Pride and Prejudice. Another is re-reading Emma. I am re-visiting Sense and Sensibility.

Oh, and the youngest ones are reading Asterix and Tin Tin ! Not quite Jane Austen but fun and clever, to boot.


JennGM said...

My husband and I just watched the new one and were dissatisfied. So dh immediately started the BBC version and we had a week of P&P date nights. That version is so much more faithful to the book. I'm glad other Austen enthusiasts agree with us!

Natalia said...

Tin Tin is what my dh is getting for his birthday. He never read growing up and he discovered them recently when the kids where reading Tin Tin and Asterix.
Do you know of any other similar series?


Leonie said...

Jenn, I am happy to find anohter BBC P & P fan!

Natalia, Herge ( from TinTin) also wrote another series - three in this series - the Jo and Zette series. Titles - Mr Pump's Legacy,Destination New York,The Valley of the Cobras.

Cindy said...

Oh.. I just love Jane Austen and P&P is my all time favorite. I recently had a 'slumber party' with my old friend (we have known each other since we were nine)-- as her family was out of town.. so we made popcorn, put on our jammies and watched P&P! And I loved the new version... such beautiful filming...! Glad your boys are enjoying it, too.

JennGM said...

Leonie, After having our P&P marathon comparing the BBC/A&E version to the new movie, Dh bought the set of 6 Jane Austen BBC movies as part of my Mother's Day gifts. These predate the Colin Firth version, but the reviews seem to think they are very faithful to the books. So more cozy nights with Austen. We'll see how they stack up.

Leonie said...

We'eve seen some of them - let me know what you think!