Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today I posted at the 4 real message boards* about RAH.

This was in response to a post on less than stellar attitudes in ourselves and in our children.

I think we need a RAH reminder here, right now.

One son hates to make the sign of peace with others at Mass. He is squirmish about touching people's hands.

I understand this. But I think the attiutde he displayed at Mass last night, when someone proffered their hand for the sign of peace, was, well, less than stellar.

He needs to think of the other and less of himself.

He needs RAH.

And so do I, as I address this issue with his son.

Oh, what is RAH, by the way?

A prompt about attitude and work -


Note - this artwork has nothing to do with RAH but is a still life recently drawn by Jonathon, son number four. I like it!

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Alice said...

Beautiful still life by your son--and a great reminder about RAH!