Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What are we cooking today, Mum?

We cook our way through the liturgical year.

I change our dining table centerpiece to reflect the liturgical year.

This week, we have had a statue of St Michael the archangel on the dining table. Our saints book open for the day. The Dhouay Rheims Bible for St Jerome. The Story of a Soul for St Therese of Lisieux. Today a statue of St Francis.

And our ongoing feature for this month, the month of the Holy Rosary, is a statue of Our Lady, some rosary beads and a missal open to the indulgenced prayer to St Joseph for the month of October.

This week, we have made Devil's Food Cake for the Archangels, quiche for St Vincent de Paul, my grandmother's toffee for St Jerome, a strawberries and cream cake for both St Therese and for the guardian angles...and today for St Framcis?

Well, check out my post on the ACF blog.... Cooking for the Feast of St Francis.


Hopewell said...

I think it's very interesting what you come up with for each day! How it all ties together. You should assemble a "Cooking Thru the Church Year" book!

Leonie said...

Lol Lisa!! I am doing regular posts on the Australian Catholic Families blog as a guest blogger, on cooking through the liturgical year. Btw loved your recipe for slow cooker lasagna ... Lasagna is one of my youngest son's fave meals but I don't often get time to make it. In the crockpot would be perfect for after work!

Also son Greg and I have found those reading lists for college bound to be very interesting and have had lots of discussion about the books included!