Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unschooling choice

People wonder what unschooled teens will choose to do, to read, if their time is not structured, if they are not required to "do school".
Will they choose unlimited video games and easy read books and TV?
They may do.
Or like Anthony this week, they may choose to read..and read widely...and talk about reading.
In Anthony's (self directed, self chosen) reading pile this week....

Dante's Divine Comedy (Hell) and Shakespeare's Coriolanus.

Scott O'Dell"s historical novel The King's  Fifth and a French Reader.

The education  of an autodidact.
With mum and brothers and friends around, for discussion.
That quantity time.


Vicky said...

This is so encouraging, Leonie. I'd like to encourage the children to gradually do their own strewing so that they work with their own ideas and not mine. Reading this helps me to trust that will be able to do that, in time - or, maybe, they already are, according to their abilities.

It all comes back to trust, don't you think?

Vicky said...

Just thinking more - maybe, I mean mutual strewing. Sometimes, picking up on each other's ideas and interests, rather than me always trying to guide their direction.

Whichever way, your post gives me reason to trust that they are as able to strew as well as I am:)

Leonie said...

It does... Trust and time and example and relationship. And time most of all, because in my experience it takes time for the other areas to develop. Iykwim

Amy Caroline said...

My oldest daughter (17) who is very unschooled is reading Sense and Sensibility and the Unschooling Unmanual after finishing a book on Montesori education. I am amazed at what freedom has done for her! She even does math on her own!

Leonie said...

What does she think of the Unschooling Unmanual?