Friday, May 07, 2010

Feelin' happy

Sitting at the hairdresser and feeling good. Feeling happy


Not wanting to analyze too much but I feel well.
Back to normal-for-me after a lingering bout of sickness .

The absence of sickness is what makes me feel good. I'm eating better. I'm trying to get to bed at a more reasonable hour . I'm doing tough workouts again....okay, I only have time for those short HIIT workouts but they are high impact, advanced , puke in a bucket, endorphin producing workouts!

I'm not giving in. I'm not giving up. I'm taking my vitamins . I'm praying the psalms . I'm feeling good about stuff.

I had my nails painted red on Wed. I thought I was going to die in one short workout circuit yesterday bur I pushed and felt great .My endurance is improving . I loved my kickboxing today . I'm at the hairdresser; haven't been here since last year ; having some foils (streaks) done.

And it was first Thursday yesterday . Prayed for priests and religious. First Friday today. Mass and devotions.

Had a good laugh yesterday , at Women's Group and through texting.
I am getting more Jillian Michaels workouts for Mother's Day. Woo hoo!

I am shallow. I know.

And the hairdresser just came to me and said my foils are turning out really light, do I mind? No, who cares a change is as good as a holiday! And I lost a kg this week in my never ending weight loss adventure!

To quote James Brown ,"I feel good."

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Mary G said...

What a joyous post, Leonie ... and so glad you're feeling better!