Saturday, February 07, 2009

Learning Through Life

From the Sudbury Valley School website, but it describes the way some of us learn in our homeschooling lifestyle.

They'd say, "What did you learn today?" and we'd think, "What did we learn today? What are you talking about?" Because it wasn't as if you went into the library and learned your facts for the day. You had a dozen conversations with people. We weren't learning subject by subject. We were learning in a much more organic manner. You would be doing a lot of different things and you would learn them in little bits and pieces that would start adding up to much bigger pictures.You wouldn't really know where it came from a lot of the time. By thetime you were done learning about something, information was coming from so many different sources, from books and from people you were talking to, and from a long drawn out experience, that you had no idea how you learned it."

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