Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Journey

A Journey North.

Anthony and I ( with the help and added two cents of Thomas and Alexander..) are doing this year's Journey North Mystery Class. A study of sunlight and of the seasons.

Every Monday between February 2 and April 13, 2009, students will record their local sunrise and sunset times on their Data Sheets (see below). Using this information they will calculate daylength (photoperiod) in their hometown. On the same days, students at ten secret Mystery Class locations around the world will also record their own local sunrise and sunset data. Then, on Friday of each week, the data from the secret Mystery Classes will be posted.
On May 1, students will predict where the ten Mystery Classes are hiding! The primary clue: As spring sweeps across the Northern Hemisphere, daylength changes everywhere on earth.

So far, it's been fun! We already have some ideas on the locations of the Mystery Classes... This pic is our downstairs linen cupboard door aka games cupboard door (who has lots of linen anymore?) aka Journey North data display door...Unschooling takes over the it should....


Beate said...

I'm glad you're having fun with this :-) My 14 yo shared that she didn't get this at all the first time we/I did it, but now it's "really cool." I'm thinking you could send us your sunrise/sunset times and the dc could guess which internet friend it is - what do you think?

Hopewell said...

That sounds fun! We're still trying to find Orion without a telescope! Yours sounds more fun!