Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don't You Love How Unschooling Works?

There is something WAY COOL about sharing learning together. About unschooling. About how unschooling works.
Unschooling tends to make ( almost) all experiences points of learning, of discussion, of interest, of exploration.

Tonight, at Women's Group in our parish, we talked about Mary, the Immaculate Conception, the role of women . Of gentleness and receptivity, ...I think that is an exact quote.

Upon my arrival home after Women's Group, I found a messy house and dh out with one son at the medical centre ~ Greg had cut his finger on glass and needed to see the doctor.

I cleaned up while watching the US version of Life on Marson TV with the kids. Greg and dh came home.

And then we talked. Talked about Women's Group. About the role of women. About Edith Stein and her writing ( St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross).

An extract had been discussed at Women's Group, an excerpt from the Second Vatican Council. I had pondered its context so the kids and I did some internet research.

...the Second Vatican Council, enumerating in its Pastoral Constitution "Gaudium et Spes" the forms of discrimination touching upon the basic rights of the person which must be overcome and eliminated as being contrary to God's plan, gives first place to discrimination based upon sex. The resulting equality will secure the building up of a world that is not leveled out and uniform but harmonious and unified, if men and women contribute to it their own resources and dynamism, as Pope Paul VI stated.

]In the life of the Church herself, as history shows us, women have played a decisive role and accomplished tasks of outstanding value. One has only to think of the foundresses of the great religious families, such as Saint Clare and Saint Teresa of Avila. The latter, moreover, and Saint Catherine of Siena, have left writings so rich in spiritual doctrine that Pope Paul VI included them among the Doctors of the Church. Nor could one forget the great number of women who have consecrated themselves to the Lord for the exercise of charity or for the missions, and the Christian wives who have had a profound influence on their families, particularly for the passing on of the faith to their children.The Role Of Women In Modern Society And The Church

Learning and talking and researching and unschooling at eleven o'clock at night.


molly said...

This is very much the way we learn. Organically! Yes, even at 11:00pm. When you are busy with curriculm, I am not certain the parents have time or energy left at 11:00pm to devote to research.

Leonie said...

Wow, something for me to think about.I wonder, if one is so absorbed in the curriculum and checklists and so on, if one has had enough of kids at 11 and just wants to veg out? But even a busy day like mine, means that I still have time not to prepare for another day of homeschool lessons but to share with the kids..Gonna think about this more, thanks, Molly.

Kathy said...

I guess we are night owls, or crazy, or both ... LOTS of learning and talking and reading occurs at our house at 11pm! Rare is the night that my husband and I are asleep before 1am. And honestly, the kids aren't sleeping very much earlier. We are doing our best. I'm hanging onto the quote, "Love covers a multitude of sins!" Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it! :-)

Leonie, I've not commented befoe, but I've so often wanted to tell you how much I like to read your blog and how often it has encouraged me!!


Leonie said...

Kathy, so glad you commented! Hoping to get to know you more.