Thursday, October 18, 2007

St Luke

Today is the Feast of St Luke - our eldest son is named Luke - you can see him here, chatting on the phone. Happy feast day, Luke!

The Apostle Luke is the patron saint of bachelors (watch out, Luke!), artists, physicians and butchers ( My original typo said bitchers but that just doesn't sound right, does it?). . St Luke is often portrayed with the symbol of an ox.

In view of this ( the ox and the patron of butchers, that is..) , sons Luke and Greg and Nick said they would probably have beef for dinner tonight, celebrating Luke's feast day. They live together in Adelaide.

I thought that we here in Sydney would do the same - I'm off to cook something with beef in the crock pot, so it will be ready when we arrive home from work tonight.

What to cook? Hmm. Maybe a beef curry?


Marie said...


We chose "saint of the year" patrons in our family, or rather were chosen by them, and my ds's patron this year is St. Luke. So we will be celebrating the day with ... something.

Leonie said...

Hope you have a good feast day!

Ruth said...

Happt feast day to your dear son!!!

Mary G said...

in my book, ANY night is a good one for beef. We just had a rump roast last night that I'd cut into "steaks" and marinated in barbq sauce, worcestershire, and just a touch of red wine .... broiled the "steaks" about 7 minutes on each side and it was GREAT!

Hope you and the boys all enjoy your beef!

shaun said...

For the time being our parish is a St. Luke's (we're having to merge with another parish, and the new entity will have a new name :( . . . )
We read a bit about St. Luke for lunch and declared our soup delicious to be a meal in his honor.
We love the image of Luke as the winged ox.

Leonie said...

Thanks, on Luke's behalf, for well wishes!

Mary, I am not a big meat eater but the curry was cool ( or hot!). I like your steaks idea..

Soup sounds nice, too!