Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Guardian Angels

Today's Feast Day.

We made little Angel Cupcakes - see the angel wings?

We shared the cakes with people as they left Mass tonight, the regular Tuesday night Mass and Novena to St Anthony. The kids stood at the door and offered the cakes to other people, as people left the church after Mass..... One way to celebrate this feast.:-)



Ruth said...

Leonie, those cupcakes look delicious!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate this great feast day.

florasita rox sticklady mum :-) said...

Leonie I forget you are a day ahead lol
I wondered to myself how did she get those cupcakes made already lol with internet I forget we are not right next door are we
Natasha is a hairstylist specializing in colours as you can see ;-)
we are off to our first swim lesson then angel cake & blue berries
do you have blueberries in Autralia ?
Much Love , Roxie

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Lovely way to celebrate!

Great job!

Leonie said...

The cupcakes were easy to make - and fun! Hope you all have a great feast day...

Roxie - loved your dd's hair colour - does she ever want to experiment with you??

You can buy blueberries here - very nice, a tad pricy.

Cindy said...

Fun.. and cupcakes look yummy!

Cindy said...

Fun.. and cupcakes look yummy!

Eileen said...

Oh, how cute is that??

I especially love the focus on sharing outside the family. We don't do enough of that here (sometimes it's all I can do to just keep us together at home!!)


Leonie said...

Hi ladies - thanx for comments! Everyone said the cupcakes were yummy - I didn't try one, watching my calories! lol!

Surprised by Joy said...

LOve these cupcakes.....