Monday, April 02, 2007

World Youth Day.

Sunday we attended a concert in preparation for World Youth Day 2008. Sydney will be hosting WYD 08!

World Youth day is a gathering of young people, initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1984. Occurring every three years, it is celebrated on a diocesan level annually, and at a week-long international level every two to three years at different locations, attracting hundreds of thousands of youths from almost every country on the planet.

Fr. Stan Fortuna, a "rapping Fransciscan", was at the concert, held outside St Mary's Cathedral here in Sydney.

We took along our kids, one of older sons ( Greg ~ here in Sydney for work) and some kids from our parish's youth band/choir.

The concert was followed by the blessing of the palms, a Palm Sunday procession and Mass at the cathedral, celebrated by Cardinal Pell.


Mary G said...


If all goes well, dh and 16yod (and maybe me and the littles) will be heading down for WYD ... I'll keep you posted as I'd love to meet the infamous Leonie in person!

Leonie said...

Oh, that would be so cool!